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Analysis and collection of popular information

 The task of bag design is to provide the society with a style that can reflect the spirit of the times and the national style, and is rich in modern aesthetic taste. This is not achieved by the meditation of reality, but must be firmly grasped by the pulse of the times. Gain insight into bag information at home and abroad, grasp the changes in the sales market and the needs of social consumption psychology. In order to follow the trend and guide the trend. Create. Therefore, the designer is extremely important for the comprehensive analysis and extensive collection of bag information.

1. Comprehensive analysis of bag information

The comprehensive analysis of bag information includes four aspects; seasonal information, communication information, and social information.

(1) Analysis of seasonal information

1. Adaptation of climate: Master the climate conditions and characteristics of the area where the design object is located.

2. Seasonal adaptation: The finished products in mass production are always put on the market before the arrival of each season. Therefore, designers must understand the bag styles that were popular in the previous season and the second quarter, and collect feedback. Analyze trends and propose feasible solutions based on forecasts. In addition, in seasonal distribution, you need to know the sales saturation information of product sales information at any time, and grasp the trend of best-selling products.

(II) Analysis of communication information

1. Historical Communication: Bags are synchronized along the trajectory of social and historical development. Although this is a long process, the bag itself is historically continuable, and the personnel engaged in bag design should respond to the bag. The history and development of the bag has sufficient understanding and research.

2. Cultural Communication: Bags are an integral part of national culture. The mutual influence and penetration of bag culture is also a kind of cultural communication. Therefore, it analyzes the bag culture of all countries and nations in the world. Absorption and integration will greatly enrich the costume art of the nation. In the contemporary society where the information dissemination is thin and the West is developed, the exchange and influence of international costumes are deeper. The emergence of a new bag will often lead to a global upsurge. Therefore, the information on the spread of bag culture should not only pay attention to the analysis of traditional sources but also the analysis of the trend of the times.

3. Consumer communication: Consumers with different levels constitute various types of consumer groups. The mutual communication and influence between them form a mainstream for promoting bag consumption. Due to the different political, economic, and cultural history and modern dramas, the structure of consumer groups is also different. According to the comprehensive analysis of China's situation, there are roughly four types of consumer groups.

1 Pilot type: A large number of young people are engaged in the pursuit of fashion, standing on the imitation of imitation, and the aesthetic concept is not fixed. However, there is a keen eye for new things. People have a strong desire to buy bags, which is a new force to promote fashionable bags.

2 Traditional type: It has a certain economic strength and attaches importance to traditional aesthetic concepts. Have a good aesthetic sentiment and fun, often due to occupation or inherent inertia to keep it on the bag, and promote the trend of the bag development stage.

3 Affordable: The economic power is relatively thin. The price factor is the primary concern for the practical and durable wear of bags when purchasing bags. They are the consumers of cheap and discounted bags.

4 Conservative: As the name implies, the concept is conservative, and there is a prejudice against the popular bags, but after all, it cannot influence the general trend, but slowly advances with the trend of the times.

In short, the consumer group is in this interaction and mutual restraint, which constitutes the consumer information chain.

(3) Social information

Social information includes several aspects and factors such as politics, economy, social thoughts, technology and lifestyle. The trend of these factors has a great impact on the development and changes of the bag form.

     1. Political factors: In the history of countries around the world, whenever there are major political changes, the form of bags will also change greatly. If the Xinhai politics changed, the form of the bag also changed a lot. For example, the Revolution of 1911 overthrew the Qing Dynasty, Western-style clothing, and the Chinese costume gradually replaced the robes and long robes.

     2. Economic factors: The improvement of the economic level has prompted the development of textiles and the bag industry. People have also made new demands on the material selection and color information of bags. Therefore, the progress of bag consumption and economic growth are Proportional.

      3. Thoughts: Social thoughts are an important factor in bag information. The rise of some literary trends and artistic styles, such as modernism, constructivism, postmodernism, etc., have had a major impact on bag design.

      4. Thoughts: Social thoughts are an important factor in bag information. The rise of some literary trends and artistic styles, such as modernist style, constructivism, post-modern industrialism, etc., have had a major impact on bag design.

      5. Science and technology factors: The development of science and technology has a direct impact on the bag industry. The application of new fibers, the advent of new fabrics, the improvement of new dyeing and weaving processes and the discovery of various leather crafts have opened up a broad range of innovative ways for bag design and production.

      6. Lifestyle factors: The lifestyle of human beings changes with the improvement of material and spiritual life, and clothing is an important aspect of lifestyle. In today's era of high efficiency and fast pace, we should design bags that are harmonious with the modern lifestyle to meet the needs of people's work and life.

     (4) Market information

       Analysis of market information and mastering of market competition strategies are closely related to the development of new bag styles and the expansion of bag circulation. The most critical aspect of market competition is to understand the consumer psychology, aesthetic taste, economic situation, the situation of the opponent, etc., and then adopt corresponding strategies.

      1. Win with new: Designed with new styles, new fabrics, new crafts, new colors, new colors, etc., the bag market maintains a strong vitality and strong temptation.

      2, to win with superiority: In the bag market, consumers have special attention to the use value of the bag, so the high quality style, excellent production, high use value, should be an important part of the design concept.

      3, to win fast: in the competition of the bag market, must produce enough fast, first two words, seize the opportunity, launch the time, should be the season, the trend of the bag style, step by step, to win quickly. Designers should be keen to capture the rapid design of the motor design, fast mass production, fast advertising, and fast sales, so that the design of the bag can quickly occupy the market.

      4. Winning with honesty: cheap and good quality are the two main conditions for the bag market to attract consumers. Designers need to minimize costs, reduce losses, lower prices, and achieve high quality and low price, and expand sales.

      5. Win by letter: A good reputation is the key to winning the market. Establishing a good corporate image and brand image is also the goal of the joint efforts of the bag companies and designers.

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